Matthew Guenther

Matthew Guenther

Co-Founder and Chief Industry Analyst


            Matthew Guenther has spent the last decade applying his expertise as a chemical and legislative consultant. After graduating from the International Baccalaureate Magnet Program, he went on to study Industrial Engineering at the University of Florida and also obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. Throughout that time, he worked for law firms specializing in Constitutional Law where he concentrated on the “Federal Analogue Act”. While focusing on compliance documentation for companies within the United States, he simultaneously worked on several notable court cases at both the State and Federal level. He defended against unconstitutional harassment and concentrated on the recovery of illegally seized assets.

            Beginning in January of 2016, Matthew became involved with the emerging Cannabis Industry. After beginning in Washington State under the 502 Initiative, Matthew served in several consulting engagements including directly assisting with the refinement of Puerto Rico’s Medical Marijuana Laws. In the Summer of 2018, Matt Guenther Co-Founded IHF, LLC, also known as “Industrial Hemp Farms”. After building out one of the Nation’s most successful Vertically Integrated Hemp Companies, Matt returned to his home in Florida to focus on the cultivation of minor cannabinoids under Bloom Holdings and Delta8.Science

             Matthew’s current primary focus is on advocating for the cultivation and application of emerging Cannabinoids. He is also an avid golfer.


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